Sep 1, 2017

Bakit Parang Ang Malas Mo Sa Negosyo

We all know this…
Walang yumayaman sa pagiging empleyado.
And yet most people are trying to get or keep a job.
Well, maybe hindi lahat gustong yumaman. They want a simple life living in a simple home and that’s all right.
No problem.
But the problem is, every year, the purchasing power of your money weakens. In short, ung dating nabibili mo lang ng isang daang piso noon, ngayon P150 na.
And every year, your buying power as consumer weakens even more. We call it inflation.
Your salary can’t catch up.
According to a recent study, salary increases 4% every year on average. The inflation is between 2%-3% every year.
Lamang ka lang ng 1%. Yun e kung may increase ka
That’s why you’re struggling to make ends meet. You’re trying to save money but they simply don’t work. Tumataas lahat maliban sa height mo.
You’d like to get a health or life insurance but then, di talaga kasya.
That’s the BIG problem for most people living pay check to pay check.
For most, what they’ll do is work even harder to hopefully things will change. Yung tipong kahit di na matulog kung pwede lang.
But then again, things are not changing for the better.
Instead, lalong lumalaki ang utang. Dumadami ang bayarin. Nagmamahalan ang bilihin.
What are you going to do?
Then your officemate asks you to join a new “business opportunity”. Pioneering ka.
They’re registered sa SEC, DTI, Baranggay, City Hall, pati sa planet Mars registered din sila.
Marami ng naging milyonaryo sa kanila. Power!
May dating taxi driver. Dating OFW. Dating security guard. Mga di nakapag tapos ng pag aaral. Lahat sila naging milyonaryo.
E kapos ka sa pera…
So, sumali ka naman. Besides, P3,000 lang magiging milyonaryo ka na.
Until you realized that you must recruit friends, relatives, neighbors and be part of this pyramiding scheme.
Lahat ng upline mo umaasenso, nanalo ng award sa stage, pero ikaw…
Sky flakes at tuna pa din lunch mo.
After a while, you’ll realize only 2% of the pyramid are making money. They’re getting rich from your efforts. But you?
You’re still stuck in the same situation. Sahod, bayad ng bills at bayad ng utang. Kapos pa din sa pera.
Then, tumawag naman ung bayaw mo.
Pwede ka daw mag pa-alaga ng biik. Piggery business. Magbigay ka lang ng pera at sila na magpapa laki ng biik.
Pag naging baboy na…
Bebenta nyo then share kayo sa profits.  READ MORE >>>>>>>

SOURCE:  Bakit Parang Ang Malas Mo Sa Negosyo

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