Sep 28, 2011

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September 26, 2011


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Dear Madame, 

Great day to all, On October 10-11, 12-13 and 14-15, 2011, the KIJFC will be having its three (3) batches Capacity Building Training and Seminar for  CBA members and members of the bargaining unit at the session hall of Monte Vista Resort , Pansol Laguna, Calamba City. The selected participants are coming from different RBUs Metro Manila and North Luzon and South Luzon and they’re expected to attend this program. And the cost and expenses of the program to be shared by the COMPANY and the UNION on a 75%-25% basis respectively.
We would like to prioritize topics focusing on organization capacity building are as follows;
·         Leadership,
·         Organizational Development and Management
·         Labor and Human Relations
·         Grievance Handling
·         Occupational Safety and health
·         And Productivity
.     CBA Negotiation

In this regards, we earnestly hope that your goodselves will favorably grant this request and make our CBA members and members of the bargaining unit to deepen their awareness, appreciation, knowledge and skills.

And improving the conditions of work and life of workers and families. And this project will also contribute to building democratic organization and strengthening the relationship between labor and management.

Again, thank you for your usual support and assistance to the various projects and programs of the KJFC which are intended for the benefit and well-being not only the rank and file employees but also to the company “Jollibee Foods Corporation”.

Should you have queries, points of please feel free to call the undersigned at mobile no 09393989400 or at any of office numbers: 929-9916, 9941-334

Very truly yours, 

Alex V. Rutagines

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