Feb 28, 2012

Bus operators reminded: comply with regular wage order

Labor and transportation authorities reminded bus operators to start taking the first steps to pay bus drivers regular wages, or lose their franchises.

The bus operators were particularly "reminded" to submit their Labor Standards Compliance Certificate by July 30.

“We encourage other bus operators not to wait until the deadline to comply with the directive or be penalized and lose their license to operate,” Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board Chairman Jaime Jacob said.

The certificate is a requirement before bus drivers and conductors can be given a compensation scheme partly based on fixed wages and partly on their performance.

Jacob said at least 20 percent of bus operators nationwide have so far submitted their certificates to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Under the new compensation scheme, bus drivers and conductors stand to get benefits such as overtime pay, premium and holiday pay, SSS, Philhealth, Pag-IBIG and other social security benefits, and retirement benefits.

The drivers and conductors will also get paid based on the bus operator’s business performance, and the driver’s safety performance which will take into account the driver’s accident record and road traffic offenses like going over the speed limit.

Authorities hope such a part-fixed, part-performance-based compensation scheme will help curb accidents caused by drivers racing to get passengers. –KG, GMA News

Bus operators reminded: comply with regular wage order


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