Aug 31, 2017

"How To Become A Cautious Entrepreneur"

If you want to start a business so you can quit your corporate job and live the life you want…
...then this may just be the most exciting thing you’ll read today.
It’s because I’ll show you how you can finally start YOUR OWN BUSINESS.
By the way, when I say “your own business” I literally mean your OWN.
Sarili mong negosyo!​
I’m NOT here to recruit you to join a specific business.
I’m NOT here to ask you to buy a franchise business.
I’m NOT here to offer you a Networking Marketing, MLM, or any form of Pyramiding business.
I’m talking about starting your OWN business.​
A business you love, build, grow, sustain and that will ultimately help you live the life you want.
But before I reveal these to you, I’d like to introduce myself.
My name is Jon Orana.
Like most people, I was groomed to be an employee. I took the same path as everyone else - that is, finish a degree and get a good job.
Right after graduation in 1999 from Adamson University, I got a job as a web designer. I was employed by an Internet service provider in Ortigas, Pasig City.
I was thrilled! I was finally a professional - earning money, putting my knowledge to good use.
The whole point of obtaining a degree is to land a job, right?
After 2 years of employment, I was already restless.
The corporate world offered limited income and opportunities. Even if you worked harder than your boss, your salary will always be smaller.
Even if you single-handedly increased your company’s revenue, your position will stay the same. Worse, your bosses might even take credit for your efforts.
If you want a salary increase, you’ll have to wait at least 6 months. And maybe, MAYBE, they’ll give you a raise.
Every morning, does a noisy alarm clock wake you up, then you have to drag your feet to eat, get dressed, and rush to work.
Every afternoon, are you constantly looking at the clock, hoping it’s 5PM so you can escape the office?​
I have.
I felt the corporate world, with all its stresses and so-called opportunities, was a BIG JAIL.

“Pagod na pagod na ako sa trabahong ito.” I said to myself.

Hoping to make life better, I changed careers. I went from web designer to computer programmer.​
I figured a higher salary will make me happy. READ MORE>>>>>>
SOURCE:"How To Become A Cautious Entrepreneur"
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